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Butyl acetate
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Butyl acetate

N-butyl acetate; Butyl acetate

Formula: C6H12O2

CAS No. : 123-86-4

Properties: similar to n-butyl acetate, colorless liquid with fruit flavor, boiling point 112.3℃ (101.3kPA)

Main application: paint solvent, diluent, all kinds of vegetable oil and resin solvent. It is also used in plastics and spices.

This product is a high performance of organic solvent, is widely used in paint industry, coating industry, used to make nitrocellulose varnish and its derivatives, and polyurethane varnish, alkyd resin varnish and colorful coating, also used in the camphor, mineral oil, oil resin and synthetic resin, natural and synthetic rubber, ethylene, styrene, etc., 2 methyl acrylic polymer such as products, but also used for artificial leather, pharmaceutical industry and electronic industry, at the same time a large number of used to make the paint industry, diluent, also used in the plastics industry, spices industry, as well as extraction agent and dehydrating agent used in various fields, the product because of low toxicity, also used as a liquor flavouring agent, In short, it is widely used.