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Ethanol (ethanol) Molecular formula C2H6O; Commonly known as alcohol) is the most common monoalcohol, the structure of simple form CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH, is an organic compound

Ethanol is a kind of flammable and volatile colorless transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure, with low toxicity. It has special fragrance and slight stimulation; Slightly sweet with a pungent taste. Inflammable, its vapor can form explosive mixture with air, can be mutually soluble with water at any ratio. Can be miscible with chloroform, ether, methanol, acetone and most other organic solvents, the relative density (d15.56) 0.816.

Ethanol is widely used in the manufacture of acetic acid, beverages, flavors, dyes, fuels, etc. In medical treatment, ethanol with volume fraction of 70%~75% is often used as disinfectant, which is widely used in national defense chemical industry, medical and health care, food industry, industrial and agricultural production.

Ethanol and dimethyl ether are functional isomers.

Chinese name ethanol

Alias alcohol, fire wine

The molecular weight of 46.07

EINECS login number 200-578-6[1]

The boiling point of 78 ℃

Density 789kg/m3 (20℃) [1]

English name ethanol

Chemical formula C? H? O [1]

CAS login number 64-17-5

Melting point - 114 ℃ [1]

Water soluble and water miscible, soluble in ether, chloroform, glycerin, methanol and other organic solvents most colorless liquid, low viscosity


1. Industrial raw material ethanol is widely used

2. Solvent; Organic synthesis; Crystallization of various compounds; The detergent. Extracting agent;

3. Alcohol can be mixed with liquor; Used as adhesive; Nitrocellulose spray paint; Solvent for varnish, cosmetics, ink, paint remover, pesticide, medicine, rubber, plastics, artificial fiber, detergent and other raw materials, can also be used as antifreeze, fuel, disinfectant and so on.