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N-butyl aldehyde
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Butylaldehyde: colorless transparent liquid, with a choking odor, commonly used as resin, plastic plasticizer, vulcanization accelerator, insecticide intermediate. Butyraldehyde (C4H8O) is found in many essential oils of flowers, leaves, fruits, grasses, dairy products, wines, etc. Extremely dilute with elegant fragrance. Used as intermediate of resin, plastic plasticizer, vulcanization accelerator, insecticide, etc.

The Chinese name is n-butanol

Relative density (water =1) 0.80; Relative density (air =1) 2.5

CAS login number 123-72-8

Boiling point 75.7 ℃

N-butyraldehyde is a medium flash point liquid. It is flammable and may burn under high temperature, open flame and strong oxidant

The molecular weight of 72.11

CH3, CH2, 2CHO

Don't say butyl aldehyde

Slightly soluble in water

Flash point - 22 ℃

Melting point - 100 ℃

Externally colorless transparent liquid

Use 1: it is used in organic synthesis, also is the raw material of making perfume

Use 2: GB 2760-96 is the permitted use of edible spices. Mainly used to prepare banana, caramel and other fruit flavor.

Use 3: butyraldehyde is an important intermediate. N-butanol can be prepared from n-butyraldehyde by hydrogenation. Condensation dehydration and hydrogenation can produce 2-ethylhexanol, while n-butanol and 2-ethylhexanol are the main raw materials of plasticizers. Butyric acid can be obtained by oxidation of butyraldehyde. It is a plasticizer for synthesizing alkyd resin and raw material for air drying oil. Oil soluble resin was prepared by condensation with phenol. Alcohol soluble resin can be prepared by condensation with urea. The products condensed with polyvinyl alcohol, butylamine, thiourea, diphenyl guanidine or methyl carbamate sulphide are raw materials and adhesives for making laminated safety glass, and the products condensed with various alcohols are solvents for celluloid, resin, rubber and pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical industry used to make "miaertong", "pyrimidine", methoxypropylene ester, etc.

Four USES: rubber cement, rubber promoter, synthetic resin, manufacture butyric acid, etc. Hexane solution is the reagent for determination of ozone. It is used as a solvent for lipids, as well as in the preparation of fragrances and spices and as a preservative.