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1. Physical and chemical properties molecular formula: C6H10O; (CH2) 5 co

Color odor state: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with strong irritation. It has an earthy smell, and when it contains trace amounts of phenol, it has a mint flavor

Toxic: toxic combustion: flammable

Density: 0.95 volatile: volatile strong

Corrosion: no corrosion boiling point: 155℃

Decomposition: color flash point generated with storage time: 46℃

Spontaneous combustion point: 420℃ stability: stable

Melting point: -47℃ acid base: neutral

Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents

2. Various Numbers: CAS: 108-94-1 HS: 2914220000 EINECS 203-631-1

3, use: cyclohexanone is an important chemical raw material, is the manufacture of nylon, caprolactam and adipic acid intermediate. It is also important for industrial solvents such as paints, especially those containing nitrocellulose, vinyl chloride polymers and their copolymers or methacrylate polymers. Good solvent for organophosphorus insecticides and many similar pesticides, used as solvent for dyes, viscous solvent for piston aviation lubricating oil, solvent for grease, wax and rubber. It is also used as a homogenizing agent for dyeing and fading silk, a degreasing agent for polishing metal, wood coloring and painting, and can be used to remove film, stain and spot of cyclohexanone. Cyclohexylidene acetonitrile was obtained by condensation of cyclohexanone and cyanoacetic acid, and then cyclohexylene acetonitrile was obtained by elimination and decarboxylation, and finally cyclohexylene ethylamine was obtained by hydrogenation [3399-73-3]. A high-boiling solvent used in cosmetics such as nail polish, usually in combination with low,

The medium boiling point solvent was mixed to obtain the suitable volatilization velocity and viscosity.

4. Production and preparation method: pure benzene + hydrogen (catalyst) water method, please refer to the relevant information

5. Hazard category: class 3.3 flammable liquid with high flash point

6, fire measures: fire method: spray cooling containers, if possible, containers from the fire to the open place.

Extinguishing agent: foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand.

7, first aid treatment: skin contact: take off contaminated clothing, wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water. Eye contact: lift eyelids immediately.

Rinse thoroughly with plenty of running water or saline for at least 15 minutes. Go to a doctor. Inhalation: quickly remove from site to fresh air. Keep breathing

Tao unobstructed. If breathing becomes difficult, administer oxygen. If breathing stops, give artificial respiration immediately. Go to a doctor. Ingestion: drink enough warm water and seek medical advice for emesis.

8. Packaging, storage and transportation: 190kg/ drum is packed with paint bucket or galvanized bucket. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse away from fire and heat sources.

Storage temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. Keep container sealed. It should be stored separately with oxidant and reducing agent. Adopt explosion-proof lighting and ventilation equipment

Shi. Do not use mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to spark. The storage area shall be equipped with emergency leakage treatment equipment and appropriate storage materials; Shipping the article

The exhaust pipe of the vehicle must be equipped with fire retardation device. It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools which are easy to produce sparks for loading and unloading