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Methylene chloride
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1. Physical and chemical properties

Color and odor state: colorless transparent ether-like odor liquid

Toxicity: small combustion: no combustion

Density: 1.326 volatile: volatile

Corrosion: no boiling point: 40.4℃

Decomposition: non-decomposition stability: good

Melting point: -96.7℃ acid base: neutral

Moisture: small spontaneous combustion point: 615℃

Viscosity: no deliquescence: no deliquescence

Flash point: insoluble: slightly soluble in water, intersoluble with various organic solvents

2. Various Numbers: CAS: 75-09-2 HS: 29031200 EINECS: 200-839-9

3, use: used in medicine, foam, adhesive, flame retardant, solvent, fine chemical industry

4. Production and preparation method: methanol thermal chlorination (methanol + chlorine gas), please refer to the relevant information

5. Danger category: toxic substances of class 6.1

6. Fire fighting measures: to put out the fire upwind, use carbon dioxide, sand, fog water and foam to put out the fire. When it is critical, use water to keep the container cool

7. First aid treatment: if it is splashed on the skin or clothes, rinse with water; if it is splashed on the eyes, rinse with flowing water or normal salt water; If inhaled, leave the site and go to the fresh air, oxygen transfusion, artificial inhalation and medical treatment; If ingested, drink adequate amount of warm water, induce vomiting, seek medical advice.

8. Packaging, storage and transportation: it can be packaged with painted iron drums or galvanized iron drums (250-275kg/ drum) or stainless steel tanks; Do not store for a long time; Transport as required for dangerous goods

9. State control and license: export requires quota and release form of state environmental protection bureau

Note: generally can be used to paint iron drum packaging can use galvanized iron drum packaging, but galvanized than the price of paint expensive