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What is the difference between methanol fuel and methanol
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 Methanol fuel is stored, transported and applied under normal temperature and superheated steam, instead of high pressure cylinders, it is stored in general stainless steel drums and plastic cans for convenience. Moreover, methanol fuel is widely used and can completely replace diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, bio-oil and various fuels.

Methanol fuel is suitable for famous enterprises and enterprise teams such as hotel restaurants, hotels, administrative organs, etc., from meals to agriculture and industry, it can be ignited sufficiently, reducing the cost of fuel; Green environmental protection, attributed to secondary green energy, ignition emissions of air pollutants reduced by about 60%;

The methanol fuel is safe, convenient and fast to use. It can be used immediately without updating the heating furnace or domestic cooking utensils. Non-toxic and odorless, flammable but not explosive, if there is a fire, can be immediately poured out with tap water, reduce the safety risk.


    As an important part of green energy, methanol fuel products are concerned about the trend of economic development and environmental protection in the energy industry. Methanol product and its market is popular, not only make greatly in our country's coal production capacity is enough to digest absorb, and then new energy fuel technology unceasingly enterprising, methanol can already for the restaurant industry, hot water, central heating, boiler, casting equipment, furnaces fire, welding welding laser cutting, car drivers and so on more than ten different main USES, can completely replace the traditional fossil energy intensive energy, become a Gao Qingjie multi-functional model of new energy development trend of fuel