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What problems should be paid attention to when using peracetic acid disinfectant
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Precautions for use of peracetic acid disinfectant:

1. This product should not be taken orally for external use, and should be placed in a place not easily accessible to children.

2. Before high level disinfection and sterilization, medical instruments must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed to ensure that blood, other body fluids and lubricants must be completely removed from the endoscopic surface and cavity, because contaminants or lubricant residues may reduce the effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization agents.

3. The product is configured on the day of use. The effective concentration of peroxyacetic acid during use is not less than 2000mg/L. Sterilizing and sterilizing medical apparatus and instruments should be rinsed with sterile water.


4. When sterilizing and sterilizing with the endoscopic cleaning and sterilizing machine, the used endoscopic cleaning and sterilizing machine shall have the safety evaluation report of the sterilizing product, and the sterilizing procedure shall conform to the product specification.

5. This product has certain irritation. Attention should be paid to protection when using the preparation, wearing masks, gloves and protective glasses, once in contact with the eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water, and immediately seek medical advice.

6. The disinfection operation room shall have good ventilation conditions and the disinfection container shall be equipped with an airtight cover.

7. This product is basically non-corrosive to steel and carbon steel, and corrosive to aluminum and copper products.

8. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, away from light and sealed.